Sinclairville Elementary School

43 Sinclair Drive, Sinclairville, NY 14782

Josh Gilevski
Email:  jgilevski@cvcougars.org
Phone:  716-962-5195

Rhonda Miller
Email:  rmiller@cvcougars.org
Phone:  716-962-5195

Fax:  716-962-5468

Code of Conduct

Dignity for All Students

The Cassadaga Valley Central School District is committed to the academic success of students while promoting an atmosphere that allows for social and emotional growth and well-being. To ensure the safety of our students, and to provide an environment free of harassment and discrimination all staff in the district receive training in bullying prevention and intervention programming. Students, parents and community members are encouraged to report all incidences of discrimination, harassment and bullying to school authorities. To learn more about how the Cassadaga Valley Central School District is increasing awareness and response to these issues, please contact our district Dignity for All Students Coordinators and learn more about the programs and standards that are in place to achieve these goals.

Cassadaga Valley Central School
Pre-K - Grade 5 Dignity Act Coordinator
Ryan Smith, School Social Worker
Cassadaga Valley Sinclairville Elementary School
(716) 962-5195 ext. 2404    rsmith@cvcougars.org