Good communication is one of the most important elements of a good education! This applies to everyone involved in the process - from parents to teachers to students and our entire staff - we all have an obligation to stay in touch and work together to provide each of our kids with a solid learning experience. Even though we've been working together for three quarters of a school year already, it is still important for us to talk with each other whenever it would help!

We have a wide variety of ways to manage that communication, but the point is that we have to work together! So if you'd like to start with an email to a teacher or principal, or would prefer to place a phone call, that's up to you - but please understand that we want to hear from you!

Give us a call and let us know how things are going. Your child's experience in school is too important to let concerns linger without talking about it with the appropriate person. Reach out to the teacher anytime you'd like and feel free to chat with the building principal as well. They are here every day for your child, and I am too.

If you need to talk with me or would like to see me, give me a call - I want to help if I can.

Have a great day and hopefully we'll talk soon!


Chuck Leichner, Superintendent