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    Greetings MySchoolBucks Users: 

    The end of another school year is upon us and now is the time we begin planning for end of year procedures. As we have done in previous years, we specify cut-off dates for MySchoolBucks and the following will be very important information for you, as well as students and parents. 

    • On June 1, 2018, the self-replenishing EZ Pay function will be disabled for all 12th grade students.
    • On June 15, 2018, the self-replenishing EZ Pay function will be disabled for everyone else.
    • On July 2, 2018, we will disable MySchoolBucks access for all users except for the admin staff.
    • Account balances will still be accessible and can be used by customers.
    • Contact us if you need an extension date in disabling MYSchoolBucks

    Please be sure to let parents know the above dates so they can plan to have enough funds available for their children until the end of the school year. 

    REMINDER: It is important you maintain your administrator contact information on the MySchoolBucks website so that the vendor can contact you when the need arises.  MySchoolBucks is currently reaching out to districts offering free MySchoolBucks promotional material for students and parents.

    If you have not placed your order yet, please update your contact information on the website and contact the MySchoolBucks Administrator Line at 1(800)803-6755 and enter district code 01442 when prompted.

    Please contact us if you have any questions at websmarttsupport@e1b.org

    Any Questions or Concerns regarding the School Lunch Program, please contact Heidi Ottaway at (716) 962-8581 ext 507 or e-mail hottaway@cvcougars.org