Athletic Director
Kathryn McElwain
Phone:  716-962-5185

Athletic Secretary
Peggy Heath
Phone: (716) 962-5185

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Athletic Placement Process (APP)

  • The student athlete will be identified by the coach as a student with “exceptional” talent.

  • Parent/Guardian permission will be obtained.

  • Administrative approval is also necessary.  The coach will inform the Athletic Director, where a determination will be made of the “Readiness” of the student athlete; athletically, academically, mentally, and socially.

  • Medical clearance must be completed before the physical fitness portion of the process.  The school nurse will set up the student’s physical.

  • Sport skill evaluation will be performed by the coach.

  • Physical fitness testing will then be completed by a qualified Physical Education teacher who is not the coach of the student - athlete.  

  • Once qualified, the student-athlete is allowed to try-out for the sport and level requested. Coaches will then make a determination if the student-athlete is qualified to make the roster.