• Welcome to Fifth Grade!

    Dear families,

    I’d like to welcome you to our fifth grade community, we have a very busy year ahead! I would like to remind you that attendance in school is absolutely essential to your child’s success in fifth grade. We cover an extensive amount of material at this grade level and every single day is important. Unless your child is truly ill please make sure they get to school on time and ready to learn. This makes everybody’s job easier!

    Here’s a snapshot of what your child will be learning this year:

    Language Arts: We have a total of 5 learning modules for the New York State Core Curriculum. Our first module deals with the “United Nations Declaration of Human Rights” as a document to be studied. Our second ELA module is a study of the novel, Esperanza Rising , which incorporates and builds on lessons from the UDHR. Our next module is The Most Beautiful Roof in the World, about the world’s rainforests. We also study “Sports in America” about race relations in the US, and lastly we have a module about natural disasters.

    Math:                  We have a total of six different learning modules. We study extensively about Operations in Base 10, Measurement & Data, and fractions.

    Social Studies:  We are transitioning to a Core Curriculum in SS as well. Our textbook, The Western Hemisphere aligns with NYS curriculum.

    Science:             We will be using the Destinations in Science textbook, as well as BOCES “hands-on” science kits in electromagnetism, meet the creatures, and ecosystems.

    Handwriting:      Students are expected to use cursive writing and write in blue or black ink. Math is done    in pencil. All work is expected to be legible and neatly done.

    Health:               Our health series is The Michigan Model from BOCES

    To learn more about the NYS Common Core Learning Standards please visit the Engage NY website, which is linked directly to our Cassadaga Valley School page


    One of the skills I am trying to encourage is organization, and having these 10 year olds learn to solve problems and develop independence!

    Specials Schedule

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    *PE – 9:00-9:40

    Music - 1:20-2:00


    Art – 9:00-9:40


    Library – 1:30-2:10

    Chorus – 2:30-3:00


    Guidance – 1:00-1:40

    *Please make sure your child wears gym shoes on gym days

    **Students may bring a healthy snack to have mid-morning

    They may bring a birthday treat if they would like to share, we have 21 students

       I feel communication between home and school is very important, and is vital to your child having a successful school year. I use Weekly folders and their Agendas for this purpose. The weekly folder will have your child’s graded papers for the previous week. In the front of the folder there is a sheet for you to sign and date that you have reviewed the work with your child. Please return the folder on the next school day. The work should stay at home, unless there is a paper with a grade below 70% that is marked, “please sign and return”.