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    Dear Families,

        Welcome to 4th grade!  I am happy to have your child in our classroom.  I believe that by all of us working together we can make this a successful year.  I consider it very important that you be an active part of your child's education.

        It is important that you and your child be informed of the standards of classroom behavior so everyone knows what is expected.  I have always found parents to be very supportive of classroom behavior, so their child has a classroom environment for maximum learning.  During the first week of school, as a class, we will be drafting up our "Classroom Guidelines".  These are more positive and focus on what we need to do, as a class, to learn the most we can.  The following is our classroom behavior plan:
          1. Redirecting
          2. Private Conversation
          3. Removal of Classroom Privileges
          4. Phone Call Home
          5. Removal to the Office - (any physical act bypasses the first 4 steps)
    Some other things that you will need to know about:   
    • Please have your child WEAR sneakers everyday.     
    • Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  When winter arrives, I will try to plan a day when we can get outside as a brain break. 
    • Please send in a HEALTHY snack with your child daily. Click here for healthy snack ideas We eat later in the day so there will be a snack time in the morning. Please be sure its appropriate for that time of the day.
    • Please remember to check your child's take home folder and agenda, found in their binder, each night for important notes and homework, and return it to school the following school day.
       During the school year, we will be celebrating your child's birthday by allowing them to choose a class game/activity to do during the day instead of a treat.  If you want to send in a snack, please make sure to contact me for approval.  We are limited due to our current Health and Welness Policy.  For those who have summer birthdays, we will celebrate them on specials days in June.  Due to our anti-bullying policy and trying to promote our classroom community, when sending invitations for a birthday party, your child may pass out invitations under one of these conditions:
    * If the ENTIRE class is included
    * If ALL the girls are invited to the girl's party

    * If ALL the boys are invited to the boy's party
    * If the invitations are limited, they need to be mailed through the postal system, however, we are not allowed to provide addresses.

       If you have any questions or concerns, or help with homework, please feel free to contact me between 8:30am and 3:30pm, at 962-5195, through email, or send in a handwritten note to school.  Email is the best way to contact me.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child.


                                                                                                 Mrs. Kelly