Welcome to Mrs. Martinelli's Class

  • Dear Families, We would like to welcome you to the 2015-16 Pre-Kindergarten school year.  I am certain with this being your child's first experience with school, there will be many questions about what to expect. Below you will find our class expectations (the B.E.E. Folder and rules), and a description about the different themes we will cover along with the curriculum that will be used to meet Core Curriculum standards.

    Class Expectations:  On the first day of school, your child will be bringing home a B.E.E. Folder.  The B.E.E. (Bring everything everyday) Folder is a way that we can communicate with one another and needs to come to school every day.  It also teaches the students responsibility.  The Folder has three basic sections:  The Money Pocket (for picture orders, book orders, etc.), Important Notes and "Bee"-utiful Work.
    Classroom Rules:
    1. Gentle hands
    2. Walking feet
    3. Kind Words
    4. Listening ears 

    Themes:  Our Pre-Kindergarten themes are based on the expectations set by New York State.  They include learning about the bodies and senses, families and friends, jobs, transportation, nursery rhymes and classic tales, seasons and weather, plants, animals, habitats, and important figures in U.S. history.

    Materials Needed:  
    • Backpack
    • Change of clothes in a Ziplock bag in case of an accident
    • Two glue sticks
    • Please have your child wear or pack socks, sneakers, or closed toe shoes to school to prevent injury.  We have had many injuries with flip flops, jelly shoes, and crocs.
    • We do have paint smocks, but sometimes they do not cover clothing very well.  If you would like to send in an oversized shirt to prevent accidental messes, please send one for your child.  This is optional.
    • A box of tissues would be great, but is optional.  We have all the other supplies that your child will need. 

    Snacks:  As far as snack items, we are asking families to send in a snack every 2 months.  Good snacks would include dry cereal, applesauce, goldfish crackers, a bag of unpopped popcorn kernals for popping, raisins or other dried fruit, and animal crackers.  Fresh fruits and vegetables would also be great.  Please avoid items with high amounts of sugar, colors, and dyes.

    Contact Me:  If you should have any questions or concerns throughout the school year, please contact me by placing a note in the Important Notes section of the B.E.E. Folder, or by email at martinelli@cvcougars.org - I will do my very best to get back to you that same day or the next day.
    Mrs. Martinelli and the Room 101 Pre-Kindergarten Team!