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     school nurse
    If you aren't sure if your child's immunizations are up to date for school, just click on the link below and take this with you to your pediatrician and/or the health department.
    During this school year, the following (click on the link below) screenings will be required or given at school: 
    There is also a form that can be printed off that you may take with you to your pediatrician and/or health department.
    PLEASE NOTE:  After 2018, The NYS Health Exam 2018 Form will be the ONLY form I will be able to accept.  I have faxed a copy of this form to local pediatricians to make sure that they have the correct form that is accepted in our school.
    After this year, I will NOT be able to accept any other form but this one.  Thank you!
    If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (716) 962-5195 ext. 308

    Click on the link below for helpful tips on when to keep your child home- 

    sick child When not to send your child to school    head lice


    Please call me if your child has been or will be absent for three days with a medical illness.