Literacy Night
  • Dear Parents and Families of Sinclairville Elementary,

    Our school is using an exciting health curriculum called the Michigan Model for Health®. Your child will have the chance to take part in lessons designed to develop life-long health habits. He or she will learn many things.


    o   Skills for making and keeping positive relationships with friends and family

    o   Skills for making decisions and solving problems

    o   Safety rules and ways to avoid injury

    o   The dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs

    o   How to refuse to be involved in risky behaviors

    o   How to select nutritious foods

    o   The importance of being physically active

    o   Personal health habits


    The lessons will give your child information and opportunities to build health skills. However, we need your help! You are your child’s first and most important teacher! Schools and families need to work together to urge children to develop healthy habits and avoid health risks.

    As our classes learns about different health topics, you will get Family Resource Sheets. They will contain health information on the topics we are studying in school. They will also have family activities to build on what your child is learning. We encourage your participation!

    We are looking forward to working together to keep our youth healthy.



    Sinclairville Elementary

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