Wellness Program

Wellness Committee

  • Sinclairville Elementary school is here to announce our student Health and Wellness team.  The "team" is being designed to help promote health and wellness throughout our school as well as provide a positive experience for a select group of elementary students grades 3-5.


    Our health and Wellness team will promote healthy schools by suppporting student wellness, good nutrition, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning environment.  Schools contribute to the basic health status of students by facilitaing learning through the support promotion of good nutrition and physical activity.


    This is a volunteer program for students who are selected.  This team will be comprised of students who have the ability to lead, or make a positive impression upon other students.  Student leaders will meet on a monthly basis to discuss health and fitness and ways to positively incorporate these ideas into our daily routine at school.


    Mrs. Hoffman - Sinclairville Elementary Wellness Director

    Wellness Committee Brochure