• After School Policy
    After school officially begins at 2:20 pm.  At that time, students are to see a teacher for extra help, or they are to go home. We will not be offering the after school multi-purpose room for the times between 2:20 pm - 3:00 pm. It is our hope that students take full advantage of the extra 40 minutes allotted to them to receive the extra help that they may need. The only exception to this rule would be for a student to get permission from Mr. Gilevski, Middle/High School Principal or Mr. Rusco, K-12 Assistant Principal to utilize this time appropriately in the library.

    The after school bus arrives at 3:00 pm to take students home. Students must be out front, of the main entrance, at 3:00 pm sharp to be  transfered to the Sincliarville Elementary School.  Once there, they will board their bus home.  Sports practices may not begin until 3:15 pm after school. 

    In cases where students have late practice and decide to stay at school for whatever reason, they are expected to be in a classroom from that 2:20 pm - 3:00 pm time. After that the school will provide one extra hour until 4:00 pm for supervision until late practices begin. This extra hour will be available in the Multi-Purpose Room. This is a great time for students to study, complete any over due work, do classroom or homework assignments needed for the next school day.  This is not a social hour; this time should be used wisely as late practices are sometimes a hindrance to students completing work on time. With the extra time provided there is a good chance students should be coming home from practice with their school work completed.

    *Any students leaving the building after school will not be permitted to enter the building until their practices or extracurricular activities begin*