• These are the skills and topics we will cover this year:

    • Numbers -0-100, number words, and ordinal numbers
    • Addition, subtraction, and fact families
    • Counting coins and making change
    • Using the calendar and telling time
    • Know about shapes and fractions
    • Counting by 2’s, 5’s, and 10’s
    • Unit on Measurement
    • Know about tens and ones place value
    • Number Bonds

    ELA Modules:
    • Fables and Stories
    • Similar Stories from Different Lands
    • The Human Body
    • Early World and Early American Civilizations
    • Astronomy
    • Animal Habitats
    • Fairy Tales
    • A New Nation: American Independence
    • Frontier Explorers
    • The History of the Earth

    • Life Science
    • Plants and Animals
    • Our Earth – The seasons, weather, environment, and ecology

    Language Arts: We will study a variety of styles of literature. They will learn about the parts of a story, including character, authors, and illustrators.

    Step Up to Writing: This program will introduce writing our language and develop their ability to write complete sentences. It will encourage them to speak and write in complete thoughts and to use descriptive language. They will be able to “talk about” and develop the skills to “write about” a topic. They also will learn about grammar and the proper use of words.